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The use of LINX6900 small character inkjet printer is more user-friendly

As a senior imported inkjet printer brand, LINX6900 small character inkjet printer has more comprehensive considerations and is unique in humanized design. With ten years of experience in the production of inkjet marking equipment, it has always been a dynamic, innovative and practical R&D technical support team. It has its unique design to adapt to the development of the times and the trend of industrial automation, which is different from ordinary inkjet printers:

First, man-machine dialogue, quickly learn how to operate the inkjet printer.

Different from the various limitations of “LINX7300 inkjet printer”, it has obvious improvement and optimization in terms of display screen, overall machine layout, functional configuration, and performance output, which makes LINX6900 inkjet printer widely concerned by users after it is launched. , not only the performance is more powerful, the hardware has many breakthroughs, the operation is simple, and the procedure of starting and shutting down is as simple as pressing a button. For the man-machine dialogue mode, it can prompt the operator at any time, and the extra-large 6-line LCD displays the printing content, operation prompts and machine status parameters, and intelligent fault diagnosis.

System installation and commissioning training, as well as 7X24 hours of professional after-sales technical support make customers and operators more at ease in their future work. During the process of installing the new machine and training, the engineers of Shanghai Qianli Electronics can deeply appreciate the features of its simple and easy-to-learn functions, so that users can rest assured that they can learn and learn.

Second, the software system is more suitable for the needs of the Chinese people, what you see is what you get, and the operation is simpler.

LINX inkjet printer provides the functions of what you see is what you get, and what you see is the same as printing. Whether printing Chinese, English or digital patterns, what you see on the display is the actual printing result, which is more convenient for us to use and operate. personnel.

LINX inkjet printer also has built-in up to 50 groups of commonly used Chinese character libraries, and can make designated trademark icons according to user requirements, which is more convenient to use. Some complex trademark patterns can be stored through the chip, which can be recalled at any time. Effect.

Third, the cost is low, and the consumption of inkjet printer consumables is small.

Users and manufacturers who have used inkjet printers will know that in addition to the cost of purchasing the machine, the price of inkjet printer consumables is another important part of the marking equipment, which is very important for the cost impact. Among them, the price of solvent in the price of inkjet printer consumables is the most important.

LINX6900 inkjet printer adopts advanced condenser to absorb volatile solvent, which saves 40% of solvent consumption compared with ordinary machines (general inkjet printer or no recovery device, volatile gas is directly discharged into the air, or absorbed by water, For ink, the nozzle diameter of LINX6900 inkjet printer is 15% smaller than that of ordinary inkjet printers, the volume of ink dots is reduced by half, and the ink consumption is reduced by half compared with ordinary inkjet printers. Every 1000ml of ink can print 9 As many as ten million characters (7*5 dot matrix).

Fourth, the design of the inkjet printer nozzle is the world’s leading.

As the core spare parts and one of the important hardware of the inkjet printer, in addition to the very high material requirements, the technical composition and technological automation requirements have become another focus.

The LINX printer has the function of automatic cleaning of the nozzle, which automatically cleans the nozzle pipeline when it is turned on and off. Fully automatic adjustment function, fully electronic control, automatically control the operating parameters inside the system according to the printing situation at any time, without opening the nozzle cover or the chassis for manual adjustment. With all-round self-fault diagnosis function, it is an intelligent all-in-one machine
Revolutionary sprinkler design, leading the world.

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