second hand Domino printer A320i Date coding InkJet Printer

Product Details:

Technical parameters

Patented nozzle design

Chip nozzle, gem setting

2.5mm thick diamond hole, easier to clean

Disassembly is simple and convenient, only a 1.5mm Allen key is required for the same machine,

and nozzles of different sizes can be replaced in time with the patented blade nozzles as needed. It has won the trust of users for 20 years.


Low cost, its maintenance is to add inkjet printer consumables to eliminate all preventive maintenance;

All maintenance requirements are completed through the routine replacement of consumables-the production staff does not need any professional personnel;

the quick and simple replacement of consumables ensures the replacement of filters and waste ink;

Sui Low overall use cost—the best ink consumption;

Domino printer A320i optional user interface, including shortcuts; easy-to-operate editor, can edit complex information without experience; simple operation,

can switch printing speed and printing format;

Avoid losses caused by unauthorized user changes;

No need to go through special training-one-button on/off; Built-in all printing formats and speeds;

Single motherboard electronic system; high and low voltage integrated power supply;

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