second hand imaje printer 9040 2.1M model with normal working

Product Details:

1. Two heads
2. M-nozzle (printing resolution: 71dpi) or M-nozzle (printing resolution 115dpi);
3. Up to 8 lines can be printed;
4. Printing speed: up to 5.5 m/s;
5. Font height: 5 dots to 2*24 dots;
6. Information height: 1.2 mm to 18.2 mm;
7. Barcode and QR code (Datamatrix);
8. Various languages ​​to choose from Latin, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, etc. 1. Large-capacity information database (up to 2000 pieces of information can be stored);
2. Internationalized operation interface in 29 optional languages;
3. WYSIWYG backlit large-screen display;
4. Graphics can be edited directly on the operation interface;
5. Support PCMCIA, CF card, and SD card;
6. USB interface;
7. The black line speed closed-loop control ensures the printing quality;
8. Automatically select fonts according to printing speed/printing distance;
9. Optional ink types: various color inks, quick-drying inks, alcohol-based inks…;
10. 1 oil barrel, 1 additive barrel (one liter per barrel);
11. It can be quickly connected with accessories such as photoelectric sensors, synchronous encoders, and alarm lights;
12. RS-232 interface and I/O port are convenient for remote control;
13. Ethernet interface.

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