second hand Domino printer A220 model with normal working

Product Details:

Features of A220

The printing capacity of 1-5 lines, Domino A120 inkjet printer can meet the needs of more customers
More communication functions to meet the needs of special occasions
Sealed ink path system based on A series main ink tank design
A series nozzle, sealed nozzle, real switch machine automatic cleaning
The operation interface of Domino’s A220 inkjet printer is more concise
An easy-to-operate editor for editing complex information without experience
Graphically-guided and simple operation to switch between built-in print speeds and print formats
password setting. Used to avoid loss of confidence in unauthorized personnel changes
No special training required – one-button on/off
Proven all-in-one power supply, single motherboard electronics
SureStart printheads for Domino’s A220 should be approved
Seal the nozzle solenoid valve to ensure complete isolation from the air shutdown;
Real automatic cleaning, accurate calculation and clear time and quantity;
Simple maintenance, with built-in nozzle magnifying glass

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