second hand Citronix printer Ci3200 model with normal working

Product Details:

Original imported machine, quality assurance
Speeds up to 493 m/min (depending on the number of rows)
The size of the ink dots can be changed by software, and a variety of printing effects can be achieved without changing the nozzles
Can print 1 to 2 lines of characters or graphics
Up to 1000 groups of information can be stored and can be used as needed
Protection grade IP65, waterproof and dustproof; suitable for harsh industrial production environment
Large Backlit LCD Display; WYSIWYG WYSIWYG Editing
Chinese operation interface, icon-guided menu, fast and convenient
Automatic one-key on/off function, the screen displays the on/off status
Automatic and intelligent cleaning nozzle function to prevent clogging, suitable for continuous and intermittent production methods
The machine has an Ethernet port, which can be connected to a local area network. Control the printer from the office
Fault self-diagnosis and maintenance, fault automatic alarm and signal output
The most advanced single-stick circuit board design, large-scale integrated circuit, reliable operation
Standard Ethernet interface, RS232/485 serial port, USB interface; excellent communication ability
Full ink utilization, solvent saving, and low running costs
Add consumables externally to keep the interior clean
Humanized operation angle, easy to observe and control
Control ink viscosity through multiple parameters of ink flow speed, pump pressure and temperature so that the printing quality is always consistent
There is a safety protection switch in the nozzle to prevent high-pressure fire
No need to replace main ink tanks, no restrictive passwords, no passive waste of consumables
With PLC control interface, you can choose any stored information for printing at any time
The software can be upgraded infinitely, and functions can be added without changing the model, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes.
Built-in graphic editing function, you can edit graphics by yourself, or transfer from computer
It has the function of backflushing to open the nozzle, reducing maintenance time and downtime
Exquisite structure design, convenient and fast installation and maintenance
The electronic room is completely isolated from the liquid part, and the liquid will not contaminate the circuit part during maintenance

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